Priming India for Entrepreneurship

Primer is a Google app that is different from the rest. It is not a tool for business and advertisement. Rather than seek to advertise, Primer provides a learning platform of marketing lessons that Google has learned through the years.

In 2014, Google noticed that a large number of entrepreneurs were from the developing nations. Thanks to new legislation and increased connectivity, the young and ambitious eyed the internet with visions of glory and hopes of taking to take on Silicon Valley. This was when Google recognised that though these entrepreneurs were adept at the technology they failed when it came to marketing their work.


Primer was called Learn10x (similar to Larry Page’s 10x philosophy) but the current name fits the profile better. Primer “primes” a person to hit the ground running when it comes to marketing. It is a beautifully simple app that is a good example of Material Design done right. The app asks you the basic questions first.

Video Tutorial

Using the App

It is similar to using flash cards that retain your attention. This way it doesn’t dump too much of information for you to process. You are asked a few questions and in response, the app will suggest a certain market strategy.

First, head on over to the Google play store. It requires minimal permissions to get set up.

This is the Primer app page on google play store.   

Once the app is open, choose your language preference. After the short tutorial on how the app works, you are required to log in with your email.



All lessons are presented in a story format, running you through a list of real or probable scenarios.







After going through the short explanations on how to market a product successfully, and after going through a real world example of how that marketing technique is used, Primer will give you a choice. It asks a few questions on your attitude and on your plan of approach and suggests possible techniques of marketing that are best suited to your idea.



Displays the marketing suggestion for your business Completed course indication on google primer The suggestion of the next course on google primer

After the suggestion, you have the option of the next lesson.


Primer is similar to a simulation or an advisor. If you have an idea or product but want to know how to market it, it can point you in the right direction. It is not a replacement app for your marketing needs; otherwise, there wouldn’t be any more marketing companies. However, it is a good start when it comes to sole proprietors who cannot afford professional marketing advice. We strongly recommend downloading this app and going through the lessons once. It is short and engaging enough to read during the commute or before bed.

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