A fun Farewell Bow for Akshay

Beloved Akshay is leaving us. We are all sad to see him go but none more miserable than akshay himself. Akshay came here as an intern in January yet he leaves as a friend.

Before he left we just had to throw him a send off party. And, of course, eat his brains for the last time.

The handy man of the office, he was ready to do any work, which we were more than willing to dump on him :P . We didn’t run the risk of getting punched by him, so he was perfect game for our stupid jokes, and often his presence broke up the office tensions. I am still impressed by his humility and calm. In spite of his size, Akshay is a genuinely nice guy who has been the first to become friends with new people in the office.

We brought cake and chips for the party. Balloons, which had a special purpose, decorated the room. Everyone had something to say during the farewell and most of it was good :D . Akshay spoke about his first days in the office and again we made fun of him.

Akshay has been a good employee and a great friend and we will miss him. The office will seem empty without him (not because of his size :P ) but because when akshay was around there was always something interesting happening.

All the Best for the Future Akshay! :)

With best wishes

the dotCORD Team

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