Win $25,000 by telling where will .com take your business

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As part of our continuous efforts to get you the best possible promotions, contests and special deals, we’re bringing to you, one of VeriSign’s latest contests for Small Businesses. VeriSign powers our domain name registration system at You stand to win $25,000 by telling us where a .com could take your business.

What it’s about:

This campaign focuses on SMBs and offers $25,000 to the SMB with the greatest potential to grow with their .COM Domain.

With this contest, VeriSign is inviting Small Business Owners to tell them where .COM will take their business. The SMB with the greatest potential will then be awarded $25,000.

It’s open for all!

Everyone can take full advantage of this contest and stand to win $25,000 for your own business. Tell about your Company and how you have the potential to excel in the dotcom world. For those with the greatest potential for success will be awarded $25,000 to help them realize their dreams.

Millions of businesses have used .com to help them succeed. Now it’s your turn. In this day and age, businesses simply can’t afford not to be online and available to current and prospective customers and clients. The good news is: your business can afford to get online. Getting your business on the Internet has never been easier.


Disclaimer: This contest is directly run by VeriSign, you will have abide to all their terms. Verisign will only decide the winner and is responsible for the prize distribution. As a .com domain name registrar we are just promoting this contest.

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