About us

Lets start with our name

dot” symbolizes internet, technology, global
CORD” binds/connects the dots.




We started off at college campus of KLS Gogte Institute of Technology, Belgaum

We received a large international contract and incorporated as a private limited company

We turned 10 and evolved into a micro venture corporation.


dotCORD works with certain values, values it has derived out of experience and maturity. These are not just another notice on a website for the sake of it, these core values are the reason we exist today.

Have passion in whatever you do. Passion is the one thing that keeps us going at dotCORD and helps us build great things. We invest in people who are passionate passionate towards what they currently do or what they intend to do.

Life is far simpler if we keep relationships open and honest. dotCORD is our life and we would like to keep it simple. Keeping things straightforward with each other and with clients helps us focus on doing real work.

Technologies change, Requirements change, Designs change, People change, We change! All we do all the time is change ourselves and adapt to new environment. Information Technology being one of the most dynamic industries out there, we have to remember this more than anyone. We consider ourselves lucky to be in this industry.

Right from our birth we start learning and we do it till the end. It essentially covers up our whole life. We grow and learn or we learn and grow. We cannot separate the two. At dotCORD we remind ourselves of this eternal truth every day. We learn about new industries, new people, new problems, new solutions almost everyday!